About Reclamation, LLC

“Build a good foundation and a road will last forever.”
— William H. Peckham, 1927

Reclamation, LLC, a subsidiary of Peckham Industries, Inc., has been dedicated to a tradition of exceptional quality and client satisfaction since 1979.

Located in Athens, New York, we lead the industry by applying the principles of value engineering to deliver innovative road recycling technologies. We rehabilitate quaint country roads, busy state highways and a variety of other commercial type projects.

Reclamation, LLC provides custom solutions that save costly construction and transit time, materials and money in New York and throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our work begins in the laboratory and the lab remains actively engaged in the development of precision-engineered mix designs that focus on providing the most cost-effective and efficient recycling solution. We are regarded for our ability to accurately evaluate pavement conditions and develop design recommendations that allow us to quickly and economically create recycling plans to convert old, deficient pavements into functional roadways.

From the initial planning stages through the final mix design, we maintain the resources, experience, and a depth of professionalism that is not easily matched. Our recycling techniques and solutions are ideal for any rehabilitation or maintenance recycling program. Allow our experienced team to assess your next project and provide a comprehensive recycling solution.