Accommodating the Customer with Strategic Staging

When working in the highly congested areas of New Jersey- where space is limited, alternative off-site parking is nonexistent and a mere detour or road closure sign is simply not an option, strategic staging may be the only solution to accommodate the customer’s parking needs during the reclamation process. Avionic Instruments LLC Located in Avenel, NJ, is world-renowned in advanced power and control technology for military, commercial, and government customer base. With approximately 200 employees and a 5,200 square-yard parking lot, the Avionics project tasked our team with maintaining adequate employee parking throughout the project.

After a preliminary discussion with the owner, the engineer, and the general contractor, the objective was to complete the project in two complete phases (requiring two mobilizations). Phase 1: entrance lane and the right half of the parking lot and Phase 2: left half of the parking lot and the exit lane. This was all in effort to maintain employee parking. The installation of new storm drains challenged the grader operator with extensive pitch adjustments which made it necessary to reclaim the entire parking lot as one phase, and possibly creating a crisis for parking.

The result; employee parking was virtually uninterrupted. The employees used the exit lane to access the parking lot while we reclaimed and stabilized the entrance lane and straight to the back of the parking lot.  Once this area was completed, the employees used this area for temporary parking which to our surprise, accommodated the employees while we reclaimed the parking lot.

Customer satisfaction is a function of quality workmanship, and in our business quality workmanship lends to how well we can accommodate the needs of the customer from start up to project completion.

The New Jersey Crew delivered just that.

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC

Giving Pavement New Life With Reclamation

Reclamation isn’t just for Muncipalites, even private roads and parking lots can benefit from the advantages we provide. Reclamation LLC reclaimed 3 separate parking lots in Fairfield County, CT for a privately owned corporate campus. That’s 22,000 square yards reclaimed, regraded and stabilized in just 9 days. The owner was originally looking for a typical mill and fill, but due to the fatigue and cracking unstemming from an unstable subbase, they came to Reclamation LLC. The owner wanted the job done, and done right, and once he knew how the reclamation process would add stability and longevity to the parking lot the decision was made quickly. Despite the additional costs, the owner saw how much value added to this project. Tried and true, Reclamation once again saves the day!

Nick Deitrich, Reclamation LLC

Warwick Highschool Gets a Lesson in Soil Stabilization

Who says you’re too cool for summer school? Since 2016 we have gone to Warwick High School over the summer to stabilize their parking lots, and main driveway. Since the foundation of the parking lots are originally high in clay, every time they pave their pavement literally falls apart. We came in and gave them a lesson (which also happens to be our motto) – build a good foundation, and a road will last forever. Using cement to stabilize the former farmland, we stabilized 16,000 sqyds in 2016, 26,000 sqyds in 2017, and 12,000 sqyds to be completed this upcoming summer. We are going to finally graduate in 2018, and will always remember the good times we had at Warwick High School.

Charlie Jones, Reclamation LLC

Reclamation Builds Believers through Building Stronger Roads

Raritan Township, located in central New Jersey was the latest addition to our list of successful Full Depth reclamation projects. This project was not deprived of unique challenges. New curbing was installed by the general contractor, DeSantis Construction. The outcome of the curbing installation left the profile of the existing streets as much as foot above target in some areas, and as much as foot below the target in others due to unforeseen circumstances.

In an effort to minimize removal of the reclaimed roadways, and maintain the physical properties associated to the mix design (ie. compressive strength, cement and water content), we were challenged with removing recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) from the high sections of the streets and placing it in low sections of the streets that encompassed this 20,000 square yard project.

One of the rewards of our success, is that we have positioned ourselves to permanently display the benefits of Full Depth Reclamation to Flemington, another township that is not yet a supporter of the full Depth reclamation process.

Flemington is one of 21 “Doughnut” townships in New Jersey. A doughnut township is one that is completely surrounded by only one township. The township surrounding Flemington is none other than Raritan.

Raritan, satisfied with the Full Depth Reclamation (cement stabilization) we provided in 2017, has confirmed and additional 20,000 square yards for 2018.

With continued success in Raritan, we will eventually get Flemington to trust in the process of Full Depth Reclamation.

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC

Town of Kingsbury Invests in Themselves with FDR

Highway Superintendent of the Town of Kingsbury was prepared to pave a light industrial park, until he spoke to us. The park had pre-existing conditions due to high truck traffic- moderate to slight deflection with a poor subbase and faced the typical municipal issue. How can it be fixed, while maintaining a budget and not causing a ton of inconvenience to the residents and travelers who needed to use the park? He needed a solution and we helped- with Full Depth Reclamation.

Our Reclamation division came in and pulverized, restabilized using foamed asphalt and reprofiled the existing road base. Peckham Road Corp, our paving division then came in and overlayed the new base with 2” of Type 6 pavement supplied from our Hudson Falls facility. The town was extremely happy, and although the process cost a bit more, the life expectancy of the road was extended which means less mill and fill and more smooth driving ahead.

Kenneth Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.

Village of Goshen Gets Their Happily “Paved” Ever After

One year ago, we went the Village of Goshen and chip sealed a high traffic area at their request. The residents weren’t happy with the Village’s decision to chip seal, and the customer is always right, so we offered a solution – to fog seal the already chip sealed road. About two weeks later we went out and we did what we always do, make everyone happy. Once the fog seal was completed the residents were happy and the road still retains to this day a “paved” road look.

We did so well that the town opted to try another one of our services recently, full-depth reclamation. We reclaimed and stabilized Green Street, a heavily trafficked roadway, which houses one of Goshen’s busy firehouses. Green St. was incredibly out of shape, and had a lot of ponding issues, especially in front of the firehouse. When we came in we whipped that street right into shape, stabilized with calcium chloride, and corrected all drainage deficiencies. The Village then had the road paved, and the residents, including the Mayor got their fairytale ending; The Happily “Paved” Ever After!

Charlie Jones, Recalmation LLC


Greene County Highway Supers Learn the Back Roads to Making Roads


At the beginning of the 2017 road construction season, Peckham Materials invited the Greene County Highway Superintendents to take a tour of our hot mix asphalt and quarry operation in Catskill, New York.  We also had representatives from Reclamation, LLC to answer questions about our full depth reclamation process. The Highway Superintendents took advantage of the opportunity to see the plant and to speak directly with the operation managers.  This gave us the opportunity to learn the unique needs of each of our Greene County municipal customers.


John Giorgianni, plant manager, explained the new crusher, the HP-500 secondary crusher which has increased our crushing plant capacity significantly. Robbie Carl, Equipment Operator from Reclamation, explained the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) process. After Robbie explained the process, Charlie Goss performed a demonstration of the process using the CAT RM-500B Reclaimer.  The FDR stabilization process was explained while the Highway Superintendents observed the process in motion and took the opportunity to ask questions.


Matt Rice, who has operated  our Hot Mix Asphalt plant for over 30 years, had the opportunity to meet with the Greene County Highway Superintendents and give them a hands-on showing of the control room.  The batching process was explained and they watched  the mixing of a 4 ton batch of Type 3 Binder . This particular portion of the tour generated many questions and concluded the tour. The tour was considered a success by all that attended.   All are welcome to come see this modern facility operated.  Thank you to the Greene County Highway Superintendents for a job well done and the opportunity to meet your needs.


Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.

Spring has Sprung when the Reclaimer hums

As the grass turns green, trees are starting to bloom and the warm comfortable breeze is circulating all the signs point to spring is finally being here. However, to Reclamation, LLC’s New Jersey crew, nothing says “spring” like the humming sounds of a reclaimer as it converts poor quality pavement into a new, high quality base.

Since Spring has sprung, we are off to a great start, completing the Sparta Commons Tennis Court project on April 13th. This was a 1,440 square yard project that we stabilized with Portland cement while successfully dodging the proverbial unpredictable “April showers”. Upon completion, Reclamation had another satisfied customer, and the club members are well on their way to a brand-new, rock-solid tennis court, just in time for spring!

Whether the project is large or small, we handle each and every project with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. We are looking forward to a productive 2017!

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC

NYS DOT learns the value of Reclamation

In September, 2016 NYS DOT needed a cost friendly, yet sustainable solution to two tandem lots, so they turned to Reclamation LLC to restructure their lots in Spring Valley, NY. We went out and visually inspected the area, and our state of the art lab created the perfect mix design to be able to withstand not only a new Park and Ride, but another tandem lot. With Brian DiBoyce at the helm on behalf of NYS DOT, we were able to reclaim and pave one 4,000 sq yd Park and Ride and a 16,000 sq yd Tandem lot. The NYS DOT was so satisfied with the end result they plan to do more reclamation!

Charlie Jones, Reclamation LLC

Reclaiming the Road and Mind of the Town of Becket

This month’s edition of New England Construction features an asphalt stabilization project completed by Reclamation, LLC in the summer of 2014. The Town of Becket Highway Department located in Massachusetts, were searching for a cost-effective method to fix a badly deteriorated section of Wade Inn Road. Unexpected high levels of truck traffic had exacerbated the normal wear of the aging roadway, and the town needed to rebuild it on a budget. They decided to take a chance on full-depth reclamation with asphalt stabilization, a process that had not previously been a part of their construction processes for roadway repair.

Reclamation, LLC, with our decades of stabilization experience, was fortunate enough to be the low bidder on this pilot project. We took samples from the deteriorated roadway and ran lab analysis’s to develop the correct mix design. We then got to work by reclaiming the road, adding asphalt emulsion to the old reclaimed roadway and placing it back where the former roadway once existed. After final grading and compaction were completed, the mix was left to cure for a week. Once cured the road was overlaid with binder and top by our longtime customer, DelSignore Blacktop Paving. As the article shows, the finished product more than met the Town’s expectations, and is expected to continue to be an important part of their maintenance program in the future.

Emilie Simoneau, Reclamation, LLC

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